A Modern Classic


Over recent years conservatory roof vents have fallen out of favour with some installation companies, with the fantastic ventilation benefits they can offer being sacrificed as the aesthetics were often seen as somewhat dated.

Ultraframe Design & Development Director, Andrew Thomson, explains how in both glazed and solid roofed conservatories and extensions, ventilation can never be underestimated, and how Ultraframe has redesigned the humble roof vent for the contemporary structures of today – providing both style and substance.

Ultraframe Roof Vent

“Ventilation is vital to the creation and preservation of a comfortable environment within a conservatory or extension but is often overlooked by both consumers and manufacturers in favour of more ‘exciting’ visual aspects of the structure. This is not the case at Ultraframe, and it is always a key consideration for us when designing or enhancing roofing systems. In fact, one of the many unique selling points of our Classic roof is the patented trickle ventilation system in the ridge, which harnesses the natural upward movement of warm air to carry stale, moist air to the roof apex for venting outside.

While our various roofing systems include many clever ventilation features, the humble roof vent is often overlooked, with many installers reluctant to add them into a conservatory for fear of spoiling the aesthetics of the increasingly popular contemporary living spaces that our products are now used to create. However, as hotter weather continues in the UK, they are increasingly important, and a roof vent is still the most effective way to provide additional ventilation into a conservatory during the warmest months of the year.

To address this issue, we have gone back to the drawing board and reinvented our existing range into a new slimline contemporary roof vent with the thermal performance to match.

We have just unveiled the new slimline roof vent and it has been met with a fantastic response from our customers. However, we haven’t just given the new roof vent a facelift from an aesthetic point of view, the new design is also thermally broken and has been engineered for long-lasting performance. It also boasts a PVCu welded frame to eliminate any chance of leaks, plus weather baffles, and a built-in internal drainage system to ensure maximum protection from the elements.

Ultraframe Roof Vent

By incorporating the best features of a rigid powder coated aluminium sash and a fully welded, chambered and thermally efficient PVCu base, we’ve ensured that the new vent will provide protection against the elements. When designing the new roof vent, we’ve created a welded PVCu frame to keep things simple and eliminate any risk of leaks. The new roof vent incorporates a dry glazed sash, unlike the previous version which relied on silicone for assembly and could look unsightly if not applied perfectly.

From an aesthetic perspective, the new roof vent is much more slimline and contemporary than its predecessor or other vents on the market. Featuring a powder coated aluminium sash as standard, along with the option of aluminium internal claddings on the Ultrasky Roof and Ultrasky Lantern, it will sit much more comfortably with the contemporary conservatories and extensions of today.

As with all Ultraframe products, the consumer has a range of choices to personalise the roof vent to their own requirements. Aside from the optional aluminium internal claddings, the new roof vent is available in any RAL colour on request, with grey and white being the standard colours. There is also a choice of manual or electronic opening options with a rain sensor if required.

As you’d expect, fitter friendliness has been designed into the product and the new roof vent is simple to glaze with no beads, offering an attractive finish and higher security. This goes hand-in-hand with Ultraframe roofs which are always designed to be as simple for fitters to install as possible.

While we’ve hugely improved the product from both a thermal and an aesthetic point of view, clever engineering has meant that the price remains the same!”

To find out more visit: https://trade.ultraframe-conservatories.co.uk/trade/our-products/add-ons-and-upgrades/roof-vents/

Fully tested, the new roof vent is severe rated when tested to BS EN 1027:2016 and BS EN 1026:2016; BS6375-1:2016 and is available for use across all Ultraframe systems including Classic, Ultrasky, Ultraroof, Livinroof and Quantal.