hup! sales & marketing toolbox

We've created a hup! sales and marketing toolbox packed with everything you need to stephup! your sales and marketing of this revolutionary new building system.

Free hup! configurator

The free hup! configurator allows your customers to design their very own hup!.

They can choose from a selection of room styles, window and door layouts, hup! roof systems and a variety of wall finishes. Easily add the configurator to your website or access the configurator from any web browser allowing you to take homeowners through the entire design process.

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hup! configurator

Free hup! digital samples platform

Easily explain the key features of the revolutionary hup! building system with a free hup! digital samples platform.

Highlight the key features of hup! walls and each hup! roofing system with full 360° digital models, explainer videos and key feature hotspots to provide more detailed information.

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hup! digital samples

Free hup! website template

We've made it simple for you to hup!grade your website to include hup! with a free website design template.

The fully responsive template includes a recommended page design and comes complete with developer notes to help you easily create the page. All of the assets you'll need to populate the page such as images and videos can also be downloaded from a single link online.

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hup! website template

hup! samples & POS

Available to order now on Cuckoo, sethup! your showroom with new hup! samples and roller banners or stockhup! on brochures with standard or personalised versions available.

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hup! samples & POS

Free hup! video content

We've created high quality videos to help you sell hup!. Add the videos to your website, play them in the showroom, upload them to your social media or video sharing profiles and include them in your sales presentations.

Embed the hup! branded videos or request the video files on Cuckoo.

Watch video content
hup! video content

hup! interactive brochure

The free hup! interactive brochure allows your customers to explore key aspects of the hup! system directly from the brochure via embedded videos, links to related information, and access to the hup! configurator.

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hup! interactive brochure

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hup! sales & marketing toolbox