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Research & Development

Our commitment couldn't be higher

Many of our innovations have been emulated over the years but Ultraframe protects itself and its users by patenting products wherever feasible.  Our extensive design resources are focused on striving to produce products that work harder for fitters and offer enhanced benefits to consumers. 

Ultraframe have been at the forefront of developments in the conservatory market, constantly innovating products to provide opportunity for its customers. This innovation comes through continued investment in a dedicated R&D team many of whom have been designing products in this sector for over 20 yrs. The team use the latest 3D CAD software and engineering analysis tools to optimise strength and thermal performance and have a large dedicated test area on site. Ultraframe developed the original test procedure for conservatory roofs with the BBA and continues to involve it with its new products.  Ultraframe built its reputation on the quality and performance of its products and all products are thoroughly tested before being released.

The range of products and the materials used continues to evolve as market demands and consumer tastes change, the R&D team respond, continuing to innovate, with many patents filed each year. Recently it developed the Loggia column not only highly insulated (double the requirement of building regulations), but structurally much stronger than an equivalent brick pier. This product used a whole range of different materials and manufacturing techniques, timber, aluminium extrusions, steel, EPS, die casting breathable fabrics, a composite structure optimised for its application.

There are many more exciting developments the R&D team are working on right now which will further change the market  and as a partner of Ultraframe will give you  bright future.