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Ultraframe are pleased to showcase U-Design, the latest generation of conservatory design and sales tools. Powered by Roofwright, U-Design is the culmination of many years of collaboration between RPS (authors of Roofwright) and Ultraframe.

U-Design is designed to come out of the ‘back +office’ and to provide retail salespeople with a competitive advantage in front of the consumer. U-Design will help the salesperson engage the consumer in the design process. Once engaged, buy-in becomes easier to achieve; furthermore, as the price of the full conservatory changes during the design process (as options are added/deleted),the consumer will develop a clear understanding of cost, making price negotiations easier to deal with.

U-Design is our comprehensive glazed extensions sales software. It is designed to help the installer sell to the consumer. Built on the best-of-breed RoofWright sales software, U-Design includes:-

  • Our industry-leading Electronic Structural Design Guide (eSDG). This ensures that your design is structurally safe for the consumer’s location. Simply enter a postcode and the design will be checked and suggestions offered to ensure that the design is structurally sound for that location. In many cases the eSDG can even fix the design for you! This not only ensures the consumer’s safety, but also enhances your “expert” status.
  • The new electronic Thermal Design Guide (eTDG). This is a unique technology which calculates the thermal losses for your consumer’s location and demonstrates how a simple change of glazing material and adoption of thermally efficient Loggia system will reduce the running costs of the extension. 
  • Demonstrate our house extensions, conservatories, orangeries, and conservatory roofs to the consumer and superimpose the drawing onto a photograph of their house. Alternatively, photo the garden and show the view from their new room before they’ve even placed their order!
  • Start the conversation with the Ultraframe iPad app – great to show the customer a range of options quickly before getting into details.

  • Comprehensive pricing and automated electronic ordering of extensions straight from the software (an Ultraframe trade account is required for this facility). 
  • Learn how to use the software in a few minutes, and become an expert in hours with our subsidised training courses. 
  • Calculate prices as you design and never sell a job below your minimum margin again!
  • Rotate and scale your design in real-time to zoom in and explain areas of interest or concern.​
  • Show the full range of colour and foil options instantly. 

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