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The UltraTile polymer roofing system is part of the UltraRoof380 system.

The UltraTile polymer roofing system not only replicates the natural look of slate tiles but is easier to install and less expensive without incurring the extra structural cost needed to accomodate conventional slate roofing. The UltraTile polymer roofing system is also designed to outperform and be more cost-effective than any other synthetic slate tile replica system on the market.


(The pictures of tiles are used for illustration purposes only. The colours above are reproduced as accurately as image allows, if in doubt always request an actual physical sample).

Features and Benefits of UltraTile

  • Extreme temperature variation resistance
  • Resistance to warping, expansion, contraction and cracking
  • Wind and hail impact (Class 4) resistance
  •  Resistance to discolouration (U.V. rays)
  • Fire resistance to ASTM standards
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Colour-through process
  • Lightweight material, fast and easy to install
  • Authentic slate tile texture
  • Features that simplify installation
  • Certified testing by independent laboratories