See the Light – with Garden Rooms by Ultraframe

Ultraframe has recently announced the launch of a stunning new range of contemporary Garden Rooms, which like all Ultraframe systems, offer an interior space that is flooded with natural light. A unique selling point of both The Studio and The Pavilion styles are the full length glazed panels which can be situated at various points in the roof, making them the brightest Garden Rooms on the market.

Explaining further about the new light-filled living spaces, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “When we started designing our Garden Rooms, light was a key consideration for us - as it is on all Ultraframe systems. We know that whether people use them for working, working out, or relaxing, that natural light is vital to create the perfect interior ambience. Ultraframe Garden Rooms are available in two styles – the Studio with its reverse lean-to roof, and the Pavilion with its Georgian style roof – and it is a key unique selling point that both styles can feature stunning full length glazed panels in the roof. These can be situated in various locations, dependent on where the homeowner would like to bring natural light into the room below.”

The front elevation of Ultraframe Garden Rooms features French doors and full-length windows and further full length windows can be added into the side walls if desired. All of this means that Ultraframe Garden Rooms provide huge amounts of natural light to ensure a bright, airy feel. The high-performance properties of the full length glazing panels means that the room that will maintain a comfortable temperature all year round, as well as protecting furniture within from fading.

While the glazing panels in the roof are very large, this is not at the expense of energy efficiency. In fact, due to the high-performance components used, Ultraframe Garden Rooms are twice as energy efficient as other premium Garden Rooms and the roof and the walls are warm enough to meet Building Regulations requirements for home extensions.

Concluding, Alex said: “Whether using our Garden Rooms as a home office, a gym, or simply a place to relax, there is no substitute for the mood-boosting properties of natural light, and we are certain that this exclusive feature will be a huge attraction to homeowners, as well as providing our installers with a real unique selling point.”

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