hup! wall system

hup! walls - a building revolution

hup! walls, when combined with the choice of one of five different roofing systems, delivers a lightweight yet robust structural solution which can be built and made watertight in a fraction of the time it takes to build the equivalent structure using standard construction methods.

hup! uses highly energy efficient Ultrapanels in place of traditional brick walls and timber and slate roofs. These groundbreaking panels make hup! extensions five times more energy efficient than the average UK home.

New Building Regulations specify that walls should have a U-Value of 0.18W/m²K, hup! walls achieve a U-Value of 0.17W/m²K and have a width of only 215mm.

hup! wall overview

The groundbreaking Ultrapanel technology used in hup! walls combines the best of both timber and steel framing building technology with exceptional insulation properties.

  • 1 Wall Starter Tray
  • 2 Insulated Wall Panels
  • 3 Top Tray
  • 4 Aperture Shelf
  • 5 Aperture Trim
  • 6 Corner Column
  • 7 Timber Battens
  • 8 Base Tray
  • 9 Membrane
  • 10 Steel Clips
  • 11 Membrane Clips

hup! brick mesh

The hup! Brick Mesh is a highly authentic and fast to install wall finish available in a range of brick colour and mortar colour combinations.

hup! Brick Mesh is pre-pointed with matching adhesive and castellated brick joints help to deliver a neat, uniform finish.

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Explore the key features of this revolutionary hup! building system using the hup! digital samples platform.

Understand the key features of hup! walls and each hup! roofing system with full 360° digital models, explainer videos and key feature hotspots to provide more detailed information.

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hup! digital samples

Super strong i-beam structure

Wall kits - what's supplied?

The hup! wall kit consists of everything you need to get your hup! building watertight.

  • 1 Internal Clips
  • 2 Wall Panels
  • 3 External Clips
  • 4 Membrane (including clips)
  • 5 Battens (including fixings)
  • 6 Render Board
  • 7 Wall Finish
  • 8 Aperture Trim (White, Grey, any RAL colour)
  • 9 Ventilation Trim

Ventilation trim

To prevent vermin or insect ingress and other debris, the wall finish is supplied with a ventilation trim that runs around the perimeter of the build at the top and bottom of the walling.

The ventilation trim can be ordered separately if using your own wall finishes or it is supplied with timber battens, render board, or brick mesh wall kits.

Aperture trim

The aperture trim is an easy way to finish off the hup! Brick Mesh at the windows and doors. Supplied cut to size and can be ordered in any RAL colour to match your window and door frames or wall finish.

Supplied as standard with the Brick Mesh and render board, but if you are using your own wall finish you can order the trim separately.

Building Regulations

Building Regulations specify that walls should have a U-Value of 0.18W/m²K. To achieve this U-Value in traditional brick and block construction, the width of the cavity wall will increase from 300mm to 350mm and this is increased further with the addition of dot and dab plasterboard on the inside.

hup! walls achieve a U-Value of 0.17W/m²K and only has a width of 215mm resulting in additional internal floor space.

To comply with Building Regulations, hup! also has a drained and ventilated air gap behind the external calcium silicate board allowing for 10mm continuous ventilation.

Get started with hup!

We've made specifying hup! simple with a suite of tools and downloads, alternatively get in touch to find out more information or details on how to start ordering.

Five hup! roof systems


A low cost flat roof and modern mono pitch extension solution. Coming Soon!

Flat Roof

The Strongest flat roof system supplied as an integrated solution with lanterns of flat skylights.

Glass Roof

High quality, reliable, and highly configurable. The go-to solution for glass conservatory roof design.

Tiled Roof

The lightest conservatory tiled roof available, it both easy and fast to fit with an unrivalled quality finish.

Hybrid Roof

The most configurable solid roof combining solid roof panels and shaped glazing to create stunning designs.

Conservatory transformations

Extension-like conservatory upgrades
hup! can transform an old conservatory into a modern, energy efficient extension. Upgrade to a high performance glass roof, or choose a super-insulated solid roof with rooflights to transform the thermal performance of conservatories and still keep the natural light in any adjoining rooms.


Five times faster than traditional methods
hup! extensions are extremely fast to build and easier to project manage. A hup! extension can be five times more thermally efficient than the average UK home and have plenty of natural light.


As energy efficient as an extension
hup! conservatories have the benefits of natural light and views of the garden combined with the thermal performance of an extension.

Garden Homes

Create additional living space and transform gardens
As well as home extensions, hup! is also the ideal choice for building a garden home for family members who require their own living space in the privacy of the garden, with all the comfort of the home.


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