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Radiant Panel Heaters

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Features & Benefits

Adequately heat any conservatory with our mounted, electric radiant panel heater. This space saving, ultra-efficient heating solution features a design that runs from floor to ceiling. It is powered by a simple 5A socket and is easily installed as part of the wiring system of the building.

This panel fits neatly into a 90° large corner column, and can also be fitted where the conservatory, orangery, or extension abuts the existing house: as long as a small or large abutment column is designed into the scheme.

As they fit vertically, consumers are able to maximise the amount of space that they have by opting for a less obtrusive design. Alongside this, our radiant panel heaters are also more cost-effective to fit than underfloor heating.

Each heater has an output of 500W, and on a typical 4m x 4m extension you shouldn’t need to install anything more than two panel heaters to ensure effective heating. To ensure installation practicality, wires and cables can easily run down the perimeter ceiling void to fit right behind the heater.

Heating Controls

Our heaters can be controlled through two different methods, allowing consumers to enjoy a heightened degree of practicality. This includes the thermostat timer LCH001 controlling the room temperature while the slightly enhanced LHC005 allows for the control of the heater surface temperature.

Safety Advice

  2. This heater is for us as an indoor fixed appliance and is NOT FOR PORTABLE USE.
  3. DO NOT use heater outdoors.
  4. DO NOT operate switches etc. with wet hands.
  5. Ensure that the heater is switched off when cleaning.
  6. DO NOT use where flammable gases or liquids are stored.
  7. This heater will be hot when I use. To avoid the possibility of burns do not let bare skin touch hot surfaces. Momentary contact should not cause any harm.
  8. DO NOT allow small children to play with the heater.
  9. To avoid overheating, do not obstruct the air circulation around the heater. Never cover the heater or allow curtains or furniture to touch or cover any part of the casing. Heaters are not to be used for drying clothes.
  10. The installation of this heater should be carried out by an electrician and be in strict accordance with current IEE Regulations.

Heater Installation

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