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We’re extremely proud of our Ultra Installer Scheme – one of the longest running schemes of its type in the industry.

Since the inception of the scheme in 2004 our aims have not changed – we want to offer homeowners a range of local installers who offer high standards of installation and customer service, and of course, who fit the market-leading range of Ultraframe conservatory and extension roofing systems.

The Scheme exists to recognise and promote the activities of elite installation companies who can demonstrate high levels of service throughout their sales, delivery and after-sales processes. In doing so, this offers a high level of confidence to consumers that they are putting their home into the hands of a reputable and capable installation company – and confidence equals sales. Over the years we have put many homeowners in touch with their local Ultra Installer, ensuring a positive insallation experience with complete peace of mind.

So, if you are an advocate of Ultraframe’s quality products and are passionate about customer service then we’d love for you to become an Ultra Installer.


Julian Slade,

CEO Ultraframe

What is it?

Membership of the Ultra Installer Scheme demonstrates a retailer’s commitment to product and service excellence.


The Objectives of the Ultra Installer Scheme are simple

  • Offer homeowners peace of mind
  • Build your business
  • Raise industry standards

Peace Of Mind

All of our Ultra Installers not only undergo an entry assessment, but ongoing assessments throughout their membership, to ensure that we maintain the high standards of the scheme. These assessments ensure that all of our members provide a high standard of service to their customers, treat them fairly and have all the correct processes and procedures in place to ensure that installations run smoothly.

The assessments are a fantastic opportunity for us to work with you to celebrate your successes and help identify areas for growth. By working together as a team, there are benefits to both Ultraframe and to your own business.


How It All Works

New Membership


New members must pay a one off application fee of £350 upon submission of application form.

Annual Membership


The annual membership payment (£600) is taken at the date of application irrespective of the stage and then in February each year thereafter.

Monthly Lead Payment


Leads are £65 per month per branch

Annual Lead Payment


£750 per annum if paid in full at the same time as annual membership

All charges are plus VAT

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The Ultraframe Assessment Process

For us, the opportunity to gain a detailed insight into the workings of our Ultra Installer’s businesses is one that can’t be underestimated – only by being given this opportunity can we highlight areas where we could improve our support offering to Ultra Installers and act on this.

The Ultraframe assessment will take place bi-annually. During the year when you are not required to be inspected, we will request recent references for verification. This ongoing auditing process is designed to maintain the high standards of the Ultra Installer Scheme.

The buying process has been broken down into 6 stages and it is against these that Ultra Installers are assessed:

  1. Enquiry handling
  2. Sales process (showroom or in home)
  3. Survey
  4. Manufacturing/buying
  5. Installation
  6. After sales service

By visiting your place of work and two recent installations (preferably one of which is ongoing) the assessors will discuss with you how you manage your business. The assessment is normally completed within a day and you will be issued with a typed report shortly afterwards, which details both the areas in which you have excelled, as well as areas where we can work together to improve.

Whilst we would like to speak to as many of your staff as possible, it is important that the senior management show commitment to the scheme by being available for the assessment at some time during the day. Obviously, in smaller companies, many functions may be performed by just a few people or even one person.

Apply to become an Ultra Installer
  • Contact Ultraframe and apply
  • Payment of joining fee number
Approval Process
  • Agree to code of conduct
  • Receive welcome pack number
Have your business Assessed
  • Assessment
  • Ultraframe assessment number
Grow Your Business
  • Set up web page on Ultraframe site
  • Use logo
  • Receive leads
  • Converts leads

Building your Business and Raising Standards

By becoming an Ultra Installer, you will be able to use the logo on your marketing materials and website, but that’s not all you get. Ultraframe wants the members of the Ultra Installer scheme to be the best businesses in the UK to deal with the needs of homeowners. As an approved member of the scheme you will receive:

  • Use of the scheme logo
  • Sales Leads generated from the Ultraframe Website
  • Your own page on the Ultraframe website
  • Become a better business with specialist advice from the experts at Ultraframe as part of your ongoing Ultra Installer assessments
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Ultra Installer Benefits

  • Use of the scheme logo.
  • Receive Sales Leads - Generated from the Ultraframe Website under the Ultra Installer Service.
  • Use of the Ultra Installer marketing materials.
  • Your own page on the Ultraframe website.
  • Become a better business with specialist advice from the experts.
  • Use of the GGFi Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)

Pre Assessment

Step 1

A preliminary credit check to validate your business’s financial health.

Step 2

A check of customer references (chosen at random from the 5 domestic customer details that you must provide).


Step 3

Language of your business and administrative procedures, including checking certificates and insurance.

Step 4

A visit from an Ultra Installer assessor and a face-to-face interview.


Step 5

Before joining, applicants must also agree to our terms and conditions and fees.

The Ultraframe Assessment Process

Once a positive pass is received, Ultraframe’s inspection manager Phil Wharf will arrange a full day with you to assess how you ensure a quality service at every stage of the sales and installation process. Whilst we would like speak to as many of your staff as possible it is important that the senior management show commitment to the scheme by being available for the assessment at some time during the day.

The Ultraframe inspection will take place bi-annually. During the year when you are not required to be inspected, we will request recent references for verification. This ongoing auditing process is designed to maintain the high standards of the Ultra Installer Scheme.

The Ultraframe assessment process includes:


How your company deals with enquiry handling.


How you survey a potential installation


How you install the Conservatory, Orangery or Home Extension


Your sales process (showroom or in the home)

Manufacturing / Buying

Your Manufacturing/ Buying process


Your after sales service

Apply to Join the Scheme

Covid-19 Statement

This is to announce that we are shutting the Ultraframe factory as part of the national effort to keep everyone as safe as possible. Safety is always paramount. We will review the situation – while we anticipate we will cease production for at least 3 weeks, we remain flexible and will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so and customers are ready.

We have done a lot of work to ensure we have stock of all products and that our factory can operate completely safely with all employees working to highest standards of hygiene and distancing at all times. This will stand us in very good stead when we come to resume supply.

In the meantime if you have any questions, queries or require some help, please contact us on the usual email addresses. These inboxes will be monitored every day by employees working safely at home and we will attempt to get back to you if a response is needed.

If you have any quotes that you would like us to complete please send them to us and we will aim to complete them for you.

If you have any orders that you want to be drawn please send these to us too. This will help us ensure your orders are ready for manufacture as soon as we re-open. Again we have set up our team so they can do this safely from home.

Finally I just want to thank you all for your business and most of all to wish you well over the next few weeks and that you and your people come through this safely.

If you have any other questions do send them to our normal contact addresses as I have said, some of which are listed below, just in case you don’t have them to hand if you too are at home.

Kind Regards,

Julian Slade

CEO Ultraframe