Ultraframe Pergola


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Features & Benefits

To ensure consumers can enjoy a new level of outdoor living, Ultraframe offers the glazed pergola. This garden building, designed for outdoor use, is a multi-functional solution that is easily used for a wide range of purposes.

This pergola features an aluminium post that simultaneously acts as a rainwater pipe, projecting 500mm below ground level to resist any uplift caused by the wind. With this, installers won’t have to worry about increased aftersales due to poor design. 

With weather protection in mind, our pergolas are fitted with 6mm or 10mm glazing (depending on the location of the project). Consumers will be able to enjoy this new addition to their property, no matter what the weather may be. 

Other features of our pergola build include a projection between 2.5-3.5mt, a curved beam with stop end, a system pitch of roof is 7.5°, and a high quality wall plate. Combined, these elements ensure that this pergola operates as a leading design.

Specification Details

  • From ground level, the pergola is 2400mm to the underside of the curve beam. At the house wall with a projection of 2500mm the overall height is 2935mm, at 3000mm projection the overall height is 3000mm and at 3500mm projection the overall height is 3066mm. (Please allow 100mm tolerance above the wall plate).
  • Only one post per pergola is supplied as a combined post/downpipe. Looking from the garden to the pergola, the rainwater pipe is always on the right hand side.

Ultraframe Pergola

Colour Choices

The Ultraframe Pergola is available in a grey and white.

Anthracite Grey

Bespoke Colours Available On Order.


To ensure the right fit is achieved for the project, our pergolas are available in 9 different sizes and can be fitted in either a White or Textured Grey colour. Alongside this, our pergolas can be used for a wide range of purposes – from sheltering a patio area through to use as a carport.

Ultraframe Pergola Car Port

Brochures & Downloads

Pergola Retail Brochure
Pergola Installation Guide
Pergola Order Form