Breathe life into your conservatory or glazed extension with the Central Lighting Panel from Ultraframe.

Lighting doesn't just enhance a room; it can redefine the look and feel of your entire interior design. A well lit room helps you do all the things you love, whether it’s reading a book or setting the mood for relaxation or a family gathering.

Central Lighting Panel adds an insulated electrical housing system to the centre ridge under-cladding of a glazed roof (or where the roof meets the house wall on a Lean-to style conservatory or extension). This enables you to install lights in places where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to; giving your glazed extension a more ‘roomlike’ feel.

Furthermore, the Central Lighting Panel addresses one of the main heat loss areas in a glazed extension, helping your room to remain warm and more thermally efficient.

Download the Central Lighting Panel brochure here.