Norman Hornigold, sales and marketing director, SEHBAC comments;

“Our business is growing rapidly, with 15 showrooms across the South of England we need to work with suppliers that can meet our needs both in terms of supply and of course, the sort of product range that will appeal to our broad and varied markets.  The region that we cover extends as far north as Oxfordshire and as far east as Essex – that’s a big chunk of the UK home improvement market, and of course the needs of all those home improvers varies from a simple lean-to right through to a fully-loaded home extension against a multi-million pound home.  

“We rely on Ultraframe to feed the innovation pipeline with systems that can meet all those varied needs, without product innovation, particularly in the development of the solid roof offer we would struggle to compete against the local building community.  Our relationship with Ultraframe is a long one, there is a great deal of mutual respect, can any other roof system manufacturer offer such an extensive and well engineered range, absolutely not.”