At Ultraframe we’re helping our customers to come out of the lockdown stronger than before, so we’ve pulled together a ‘lockdown toolkit’ jam packed with innovative solutions to boost leads and enhance sales conversions to help customers build good foundations for when things start to return to the ‘new normal’.

While its likely that there will be a recession following COVID-19, there are signs that the conservatory and extension market will be less affected than other areas. As homeowners spend more time at home with their families, they are longing for more space, and couple this with the lovely sunny weather we’re having during Spring, conservatories and glazed extensions are the perfect place to spend the day relaxing. The Green Goddess is even doing her bit to promote conservatories during her BBC workouts every morning!

That’s why after a Christmas week style slump in Google searches for the key word ‘Conservatory’ the search term has bounced back quickly to around 75% of seasonal levels.

Consumers are spending significantly more time on the Internet educating themselves and browsing for solutions, and consequently are much more open to dealing with retailers and installers in a virtual environment: whether this is connecting via zoom or Skype to discuss project requirements or even starting an online quote or perusing an online Virtual Reality Tour. We believe this trend may continue for some time into the future as a combination of restrictions being lifted slowly as well as society becoming accustomed to new digital ways of working, living and communication.


That’s why together with ICAAL, our Digital Partner, we have developed a ‘Lock-down toolkit’ that focusses on helping you build a more digital business by focussing on four things that savvy businesses can do to future proof their business through the next 18 months. The toolkit is packed with free website content and tools to help retailers generate leads and sell remotely. 

lockdown toolkit

Build a pipeline for when things re-open: Your customers are right now online, browsing and looking for solutions;  businesses need to take advantage of this and open a dialogue with these customers and consult with them remotely to build a quote and enquiry bank than can be activated when things re-open. Our online chat-bots, virtual appointment booking service and downloadable sales presenters can help you do this. ICAAL can integrate these tools for you quickly and efficiently and we’re open for quotes and technical support at Ultraframe while the factory is closed. 

Re-evaluate your proposition: A bit of downtime is also a good chance to evaluate your offering in terms of how you price and sell your range to customers as well as the actual products you offer. That’s why we’ll be offering a series of webinars to share details on our products and consumer insights on how to position them. 

Overhaul/refine your marketing: Now that customers are spending more time than ever online it is a great time to make sure your social media is working hard for you or give your website a face-lift. Our ‘lockdown toolkit’ is packed full of free NEW content for your website and Adam our experienced Digital Marketing Manager is also available for 121s to help you with your Social Media strategy. You can also use this valuable time to explore our supber online marketing system Cuckoo, and create your own custom branded brochures.   


Build your brand: In a recession people turn to well known, trusted and local brands and at Ultraframe we recognise your retail brand must come first. Ultraframe marketing collateral can be fully customised using our Cuckoo system the virtual sales presenters can be customised with your own logos too.

Re-evaluate your processes: It is essential during a period like this that you are efficient when you return to business and so it’s a great time to streamline your processes. Ultraframe and ICAAL can work together with you to develop the right lead generation and management tools for your business integrating social media, chat-bots, quoting engines and email marketing with your website and customer database. 

While this is undoubtedly a challenging time for us all, we hope that together with our customers, we will be stronger as a result of the things we do together during this period of time away from the day to day business.


Stay safe everyone


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