GGP feature - Which? And Lifestyle Windows

Which? and Ultraframe - a perfect partnership

Heralded as the consumer champion and without question, the most trusted consumer confidence brand in the UK,  Which? has been a household name for decades known for its unbiased reviews and unwavering stance on consumer rights.  Ultraframe’s Ultra Installer scheme has become the first installation scheme in the glass and glazing industry to meet the Which? Trusted Traders high standards.  Big news for Ultraframe and even better news for its Ultra Installer partners across the UK.  In this feature we talk to Alex Hewitt, Ultraframe Marketing Director and Chris Vincent, Managing Director at Lifestyle Windows in Derbyshire and talk about the opportunity that Which? brings to both Ultraframe and its Ultra Installers.

Chris, let’s start by talking to you.  You’re one of Ultraframe’s newest Ultra Installers and I understand your firm has been a Which? Trusted Trader for 14 years - what value does your deeper relationship with Ultraframe bring your business? 

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the business, we work very closely with our fabricator partner Specialised to ensure that we are right up to date with our product range, we were one of the first firms in the Midlands to install LivinRoof and now both LivinRoof and UltraRoof380 are a mainstay of our collection.  We were very proud to get our Which? Trusted Trader accreditation, it reflects our single focus - to be the most trusted and respected installer in Derbyshire, we see our Ultra Installer status adding to our credentials.

Turning to you Alex, the Ultra Installer scheme, by virtue of its design, naturally draws in the very best installers - what extra value does the Which? alliance bring Ultraframe? 

“You’re right.  The Ultra Installer scheme is very well respected in the industry but much like Chris and his attitude towards business, we’re constantly looking for new ways to help our installers differentiate their business.  Our relationship with Which? is born out of a mutual desire to bring home owners an approved installation service, giving consumers additional confidence when choosing a conservatory installer The Ultra Installer scheme has always been about helping our quality installers build their reputation locally and the additional Which? Trusted Traders endorsement provides an extra layer of reassurance for the homeowner. For the most part our role is to give retailers the systems, new innovations and marketing support to help them close a deal -  Chris is a testament to this, he very much sees the value of all the back-end support we can give him, but in its own right, Lifestyle Windows has been a Which? Trusted Trader for many years already.  .”

Just explain how the Ultra Installer scheme and Which? Trusted Traders approval works. 

“It’s straightforward. All Ultra Installers now undertake a double assessment process from both Ultraframe and Which? Trusted Traders to become part of the Which? Trusted Trader Approved Ultra Installer Service. The Ultraframe part of the assessment concentrates on the onsite abilities of the installers, while the Which? Trusted Traders assessment concentrates on the consumer focused parts of the service such as; customer care, insurances, consumer protection, professional conduct and so on.”

Chris, Alex mentioned the ‘back-end’ support Ultraframe provides, I’m keen to know more about what that means to you and how it works?

“I mentioned earlier that we were one of the first retailers in the Midlands to install LivinRoof and this is a good illustration of Alex’s point.  If you consider your average home owner, very few have a full and real appreciation of what’s available in the market today in terms of conservatory innovation.  Most of our enquiries are still what I would call traditional.  They’re home owners looking for a cost-effective way to add valuable space to their home, or, they’re looking to upgrade an existing conservatory.  When we step into somebody’s home, they’ve usually contacted us via word of mouth, or through the Which? Trusted Traders scheme, if you like they’ve bought ‘Lifestyle Windows’, at that point we are heavily reliant on the innovation and marketing support that Ultraframe provide us.  We’re not in the market of selling a conservatory at any price, our success is underpinned by designing and constructing extension systems that more than meet the needs of the home owner and it’s having the ability to tap into Ultraframe’s extensive bank of design, marketing and sales support material that enables us to confidently position new innovation.  Trust is a critical asset in this market, it’s vital at every stage of the selling process.”

If somebody wants to become an Ultra Installer, how do they go about it Alex? “ We want to provide homeowners with a choice of high quality, local Ultra Installers and we’re always on the look-out for retailers who provide outstanding customer service and high standards throughout the design and build. While there is a waiting list in some parts of the UK there are plenty of areas that require greater coverage so I would urge retailers to speak to us if they feel they would like to join or simply email to find out if there is a vacancy in your area.