Fast Delivery and Fast to Build – Ultraframe Garden Rooms

As Garden Rooms have rapidly grown in popularity over the last 12 months, the sector has been hit by long lead times. However, the newly launched range of Ultraframe Garden Rooms are available in all sizes and configurations on a 10-day lead time.

These short lead times have been made possible by the skilled team at Ultraframe developing a modular proposition based on two core styles – The Pavilion and The Studio – which are available in a range of pre-set sizes, and with various options for personalisation such as full length glazed panels, windows and more. Ultraframe Garden Rooms are also fast to fit thanks to familiar components which employ high levels of technology to ensure a speedy build.

Commenting, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “When we were developing our new Garden Room range, we really focused on the speed at which they could be delivered and built. With a product that is in such demand, time on site needed to be kept as brief as possible to allow installers to quickly complete a build and move onto the next one. Both styles of Ultraframe Garden Room use components already familiar to our installers and can be watertight in just one day! As they are familiar components, no additional training is required, although we are running a series of webinars to ensure that anyone who wants further information has a forum to learn and ask questions.”

The Ultraframe Marketing Team have ensured that installers can be up and running to start promoting and selling the new Garden Rooms within a matter of days, with a fantastic package of marketing tools on offer. Ultraframe Garden Rooms customers can access a range of tools including stunning high quality imagery, a retail brochure which can be personalised at the click of a button, a fantastic online quoting tool that can be added to their website, and an online ordering facility to place their orders with Ultraframe.

Concluding, Alex said: “Everything about our new Garden Rooms is fast – fast delivery, fast to build and fast access to marketing support. We believe that we’ve created a fantastic product and both our Garden Rooms, and the marketing package to help sell them are available much faster than from elsewhere in this sector.”

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