Ultraframe Garden Rooms exceed Building Regulations for Energy Efficiency

Ultraframe’s newly-launched range of Garden Rooms not only look stunning – they offer twice the energy efficiency of other premium Garden Rooms on the market. This is thanks to the energy efficient components used that exceed Building Regulation requirements.

Commenting about the highly energy efficient and popular living spaces, Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, said: “Demand for Garden Rooms is huge right now, as many of us adapt to working and working out from home – or simply needing a place to relax away from a busy home. When we designed our range of Garden Rooms, it was critical to us that they must be highly energy efficient, to allow them to be used all year round.”

Available in two styles, The Studio and The Pavilion, both styles use highly energy efficient components that exceed Building Regulation requirements. Standard Garden Rooms are not required to reach this high thermal performance level, and so tend to use lower spec components, meaning they are more expensive to heat and may even struggle to achieve a comfortable temperature in the colder months.

Explaining further about the components that make Ultraframe Garden Rooms twice as energy efficient as other premium Garden Room brands on the market, Alex said: “We can confidently state that Ultraframe Garden Rooms will be warm, comfortable spaces that can be used all year round and will be energy efficient in terms of heating bills - something that is of huge importance to homeowners when choosing their perfect garden room. Our Garden Rooms feature a Livinroof roof, Super-Insulated Columns which are five times more thermally efficient than brick piers of the same size, and our brand new patented Ultrapanel wall technology. Most garden rooms offer a U-Value of around 0.3 – 0.7 but the components used in Ultraframe Garden Rooms offer U-Values of 0.16 (Wall), 0.15 (corner columns), and 0.17 (wall). Building Regulations demand a U-Value of 0.18 for home extensions, and 0.27 for Garden Rooms. You can see that our new Garden Rooms easily exceed these requirements, meaning they will be every bit as warm as any room in the home.”

In addition to their outstanding energy efficiency, Ultraframe Garden Rooms also offer long lasting good looks, thanks to their fade free qualities and the durability of the materials used, which promise a 30+ year life span. As with all Ultraframe systems, they promise a light, bright interior thanks to full length glazed panels, and are fast to fit – in fact they can be watertight in less than one day!

To find out more, visit www.ultraframegardenrooms.co.uk


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