The Ultraroof tiled roof system from Ultraframe quickly became the fitter’s favourite following its launch in 2016. Alex Hewitt, Marketing Director at the conservatory and extension specialist, explains the new technology inside the second generation Ultraroof, and exactly why the system has become the preferred tiled roof of homeowners too.

As an innovation-led company, research is a crucial part of our product development pipeline, both for our new and existing systems. We’ve recently been carrying out consumer research about our Ultraroof tiled roofing system and are absolutely thrilled that 8 out of 10 prefer it over leading competitor brands.

While Ultraroof has gained a loyal following since its launch, we’ve recently taken a close look at the system and have refined it even further, offering a whole host of new benefits that we – and the consumers we’ve spoken to – believe make it the best solid tiled roof on the market. We’re confident that installers will love the second generation Ultraroof too, and should find that it brings new momentum to their tiled roof sales.

The reasons why Ultraroof appeals to consumers are clear and numerous. Homeowners expect a solid tiled roof to feel less like a conservatory and more like an extension, and unlike other tiled roofing systems, which are based on conservatory technology, Ultraroof has a 380mm wide box beam which is so strong that it never needs a tie bar – ever. This fully insulated box beam provides an incredible amount of insulation around the eaves beam, unlike other systems, which are designed in a similar way to a conservatory eaves beam. The beam also creates an internal pelmet which gives a spacious vaulted feel, as well as providing the ideal space to locate spotlights or speakers. An extended soffit allows for an external soffit to create the extension look from outside.

Ultraroof also features full-length glazing panels – not just smaller Velux-type windows. These full-length panels not only look stunning from inside and out, but they also ensure that the interior is flooded with natural light to ensure a feeling of space.

This next generation of Ultraroof features Ultraframe’s new patented panel technology and the configurability of the system has been extended, meaning that our customers can now create any shape and size while ensuring that the clean interior lines and roof space remain tie bar free.

The second generation Ultraroof is also 20% faster to fit as the panels require no extra internal or external battening, saving hours on site. This means that Ultraroof is now significantly faster to fit than competitor systems and of course, is much quicker than constructing a traditional timber and tile roof. This incredible fitting speed is due to the high levels of pre-fabrication and the tiles being supplied in sheets of 12, already cut to size - there is virtually no cutting or trimming of OSB or insulation on site. However, we all know that small adjustments are sometimes needed on site and so the system is designed to accommodate these if needed. For instance, the wide box beam can accommodate out of square frames and the expandable panel fills tolerance gaps that would need attention with competitor systems. Designing fitter-friendliness into the updated system was a key focus for us and we are certain that these new features are going to make a huge positive impact on the installation process for Ultraroof installers.

Of course, one of the main reasons that homeowners choose a tiled roof is to benefit from the outstanding thermal performance that this kind of roof can offer and Ultraroof boasts unrivalled thermals, with a U-Value of just 0.17. It is also the strongest tiled roof on the market, with unsupported spans of up to 4m possible – ideal for bi-fold doors. While it’s the strongest tiled roof on the market, it’s also the lightest, which again makes it even easier for fitters to handle on site and the perfect choice for replacement projects.

While all of these features make for an outstanding system in terms of performance and aesthetics, these mean nothing without safety. Learning’s from the Grenfell Inquiry stress the importance of testing full systems, not relying on individual part certificates. As you’d expect from Ultraframe, that’s what we’ve done and to our knowledge, Ultraroof is the only replacement roof with a full system fire certificate.

Reading back over what I’ve written here about Ultraroof, it really is no surprise that it’s the preferred tiled roof of consumers, and we’re confident that the many new features will also ensure it remains the fitter’s favourite.

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