Ultraroof – now EVEN faster to Fit

Following its launch in 2016, the Ultraroof tiled roofing system from Ultraframe became one of the best selling tiled roofing systems on the market.

The system has recently been re-engineered, bringing a host of time-saving and configurability benefits into its armoury and has also been declared the consumer’s preferred tiled roof during research in February 2019.*

Ultraframe Design and Development Director, Andrew Thomson explains more about the next generation Ultraroof in the April issue of Glass Times magazine.

While our Ultraroof tiled roofing system was extremely well received when we launched it in 2016, here at Ultraframe we never stand still, and so 2019 sees a newly refined Ultraroof that is packed full of new features and benefits enter the market.

When reviewing the system and exploring how we could enhance it for our customers, fitter-friendliness was top of our list. We understand that fitting this type of roof is something different for many Ultraframe installers, and so we wanted to ensure that the fitting process is as simple as it can be – first time and every time.

While Ultraroof was always one of the easiest roofs of this type to install, the second generation is now an impressive 20% faster to fit as the panels require no internal or external battening, saving around half a day on site. This means that not only is Ultraroof 20% faster to fit than it used to be, it also presents huge time-saving benefits when compared to competitor systems and of course, is much quicker than constructing a traditional timber and tile roof. In order to achieve these astonishing fitting speeds, the system is largely pre-fabricated and tiles are supplied in sheets of 12 ready cut to size, something that fitters tell us is a huge plus point for them as it means that tiling an Ultraroof is hours quicker than other systems. There is also no cutting or trimming of OSB, tiles or insulation required on site.

As any fitter will testify, once they have to start adapting a tiled roofing system on-site, the installation becomes open to human error. By virtually eliminating the need for any cutting or trimming on site, we can offer confidence to installers that all the prep work has been done for them perfectly – all they have to do is fit the roof. However, as we all know, there is rarely such thing as a textbook site, and so Ultraroof packs in clever features to take the worry out of out-of-square frames and other such obstacles that may be encountered. Its unique expandable panels fill tolerance gaps that would require a good deal of intervention if using competitor systems, in a matter of seconds. While Ultraroof is the strongest tiled roof on the market, with unsupported spans of up to 4m possible, it’s also the lightest, which makes it easy for fitters to handle on site.

Of course, our products must ultimately cater to the needs of the end-user and we’ve ensured that they too, will be extremely happy with the second generation Ultraroof. A U-Value of just 0.17 evidences its outstanding thermal performance and the fact that it never needs a tie bar – despite now being fully configurable into any style or shape - were just a few of the reasons which saw Ultraroof declared the tiled roof system that 8 out of 10 UK homeowners would choose to buy ahead of leading competitor brands during recent research.

There are numerous other stand-out features such as its 380mm wide box beam, fully insulated eaves beam, internal pelmet, external soffit and full-length glazing panels that deserve far more explanation than I am able to provide in this article. I would invite fabricators and installers of any tiled roof system to take a look at the second generation Ultraroof. Even if you’ve experienced the system before, we’re sure that its new 2019 incarnation won’t disappoint.  

Finally, as you would expect from Ultraframe, we’ve employed a belt and braces approach to the safety of the new system following the publication of findings from the Grenfell Inquiry. The report stressed the importance of testing full systems, not relying on individual part certificates and to our knowledge; Ultraroof is the only replacement roof with a full system fire certificate.

To find out more, visit www.UR380info.co.uk

*Based on roof appearance & aesthetics (Independent market research study conducted during February 2019 amongst 64 UK homeowners)



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