The Quantal conservatory roofing system from Ultraframe is the original aluminium system for those wanting a distinctively top-end look – combining premium quality with the reassurance of the market-leading Ultraframe brand. Commanding a heritage that newer entrants to the market simply can’t compete with, Quantal has recently been relaunched – boasting a host of new features to equip it for the current market, while still retaining its original appeal.  

Ultraframe Marketing Director, Alex Hewitt, explains why the new Quantal system has it all.

The Quantal system has long been the system of choice for those wanting to create an aluminium conservatory and its distinctive ornate appeal has spanned the decades and survived the minimalist trend. Quantal has grown in popularity in recent years as we have seen sales of aluminium bi-folds surge, as combining them with a Quantal roof allows installers to create a fully suited look.

It was vital to us during the re-design process that the elegant decorative elements that are the essence of the Quantal system still remained, but these have been updated to give a more streamlined look - creating a new distinctive aesthetic that no other aluminium roofing system can offer. There is also a contemporary option available with the introduction of a new square, slimline top-cap.

The updated system may still have that unmistakable Quantal appeal, but what lies beneath the surface is a newly engineered system that is far more suited to the demands of a modern conservatory.

Key to this is the new thermally broken ridge. While the current external ridge appearance has been retained, a new thermal shroud ensures the ultimate in thermal performance. The updated eaves beam can cater for over 90% of span requirements but structural upgrades can be specified to cater for the demands of more complex and wide-spanning roofs. Further contributing to the enhanced thermal performance is a newly engineered glazing bar design which now includes a thermal break.

The improvements don’t stop at the thermal performance of the system though, as another key objective was to bring the aesthetics of the roof up-to-date, and there are many features which combine to give a new sleek look, including low profile glazing bar gaskets. This newly updated component provides enhanced protection against expansion during warm weather, while also eliminating visible gasket lines along the glazing. Other aesthetic enhancements include a new ridge end top cap (which perfectly matches the new ridge capping), along with new aluminium bar end caps which can be perfectly colour matched to the rest of the conservatory.

Of course, colour was an important consideration and in keeping with current trends, the ever-popular 7016 is one of four core colours available on the shortest lead-time, with any other RAL colour available on request.

To further enhance the aesthetics, the Quantal system can also be combined with our Cornice system to shroud the gutter and provide a completely different look at the eaves. Homeowners have a choice of the curved Cornice for an elegant, decorative look, or can choose the more angular contemporary Cornice at either one, two or three tiers high for a strong, modern appearance. For those consumers who really want to boost the thermal performance of their new conservatory, Super Insulated Columns can be specified with a smooth aluminium finish to perfectly complement the sleek aluminium lines of the roof. The interior can also be enhanced with the optional Internal Pelmet. This clever feature can be used to give the interior space a more ‘room-like’ feel and provide a convenient space to house lighting or speakers. Using these products offers a point of differentiation for our installers and allows the homeowner to create a stunning conservatory, orangery or extension, designed to their exact requirements.

Speed was another key consideration during the Quantal redesign as we all know that on-site, time is money. The system also boasts Ultraframe's patented adjustable Speedlock to optimise glazing bar compression and make the roof simple to fit - ensuring a fast fit, first time, every time. We think that fitters will also love the new one-piece design of the glazing bars, which means that they simply click into place with one single push – a time-saving feature that is also now found on the top cappings.

Quantal is now the most configurable aluminium roof on the market and the many new features make it the ideal choice for any company wanting to excel in the aluminium market. We’d invite anyone who hasn’t used the system before or for some time to take a fresh look - we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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