Structural Support

Tie Bars

Tie bars are structural members that ensure conservatory roof stability.

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Beam Reinforcements

We provide a wide range of beam reinforcements to prevent deflection on the roof allowing doors to move more freely.

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Goalpost by Ultraframe

The Ultraframe Goalpost allows you to create open-sided 'Grand Designs'.

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Adds shape and style to any roofline, concealing gutters and rafter ends.

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Box Gutters

Box gutters are an effective, and stylish, way to ensure the structure and roofline are kept free of water ingress.

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The conservaflash is a pre-formed uPVC flashing system to help shorten lead times and ensure cost and waste are kept low.

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Insulated Internal Pelmet

Add, warmth, style, and cosiness for a room like feel.

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Super Insulated Columns

Super insulated columns are stylish, elegant, and thermally efficient structural columns.

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Roof Vents

A roof vent is one of the fastest ways of ventilating a conservatory during the warmest months of the year. Roof vents are available on all of the Ultraframe and Quantal roofing systems.

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