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Add Style, Shape and Simplicity to the Roofline

A decorative cornice hides the gutter and bar ends and creates a stylish simple external finish.

Cornice tidies up the roof and frame interface, hiding end caps, gutters, brackets, and trims.

Ultraframe's cornice is available in 4 distinctive styles including the 1 tier, 2 tier, 3 tier, and curved cornice.

Available in 4 standard colours or any RAL colour, a cornice will perfectly match the colour of the windows and doors.

Cornice can be used on Classic roof, Quantal aluminium roof, Livinroof, Ultraroof and comes as standard on Ultrasky roof.

A decorative Cornice adds shape and style to any roofline, concealing gutters and rafter ends. Best of all there are 4 styles to choose from.

Curved Cornice includes a die cast 135° and 90° corner cover as well as straight jointers, which will help fitters achieve a consistent fit and finish at critical junctions. 1, 2 & 3 tier Cornice ONLY 90° corners and straight jointers available.

Key Product Information

  • A simple upgrade to a standard conservatory that makes a statement.
  • Makes the roof/frames interface tidier hiding the appearance of glazing bar end caps, gutter/brackets and the ends of the glazing panels.
  • Perfectly complements the colour of the windows and doors - available in four standard styles and colours – or select your own colour!
  • Integrates fully with the design of your choice, irrespective of the style of windows and doors chosen e.g. bi-folding doors.

Cornice Installation Guide

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