The LivinRoom Orangery uses the well proven Ultraframe Classic roof system at its heart and then adds an engineered steel framing system internally, which is plastered to give a perimeter ceiling all the way round the Classic roof to give it the aesthetics of an Orangery.Livin room cut away

The LivinRoom Orangery is neither a conservatory or an extension. It combines all the benefits of a conservatory in terms of light and space but adds the solidity of an extension. The LivinRoom Orangery adds a whole new dynamic to the space, giving it a 'real room/living room' feel.

As with all Ultraframe products the LivinRoom Orangery has been extensively tested by our in-house R&D team. The LivinRoom Orangery is a systemised approach, yet maintains the flexibility you would associate with an Ultraframe roof system.

The LivinRoom Orangery internally, can be further enhanced with the use of lighting within the plaster board, and is suitable to use with bi-folding and French doors. Externally the aluminium Cornice available in a wide range of colours can be used to add to the visual effect of the Orangery.

The LivinRoom orangery is available in a wide range of designs including Victorian, Georgian, Gable and lean-tos. And as you would expect with an Ultraframe, the LivinRoom Orangery comes with a holistic 10 year guarantee

Further features and benefits of the LivinRoom Orangery include:

  • Can be used at 15-40 degrees
  • Steelwork ladder system extends from 300mm to 1200mm
  • Steelwork ladder system is available on the same lead time as the conservatory roof
  • Can be used with standard eaves beam or the Super Duty version
  • Suitable for Orangeries with box gutters
  • Allows completion of the conservatory roof before the steel framework is fitted
  • Available in U-Design

As with all Ultraframe conservatory roof systems, the LivinRoom comes with a comprehensive installation guide which includes details on how to install the roof as well as detailed information maintenance and cleaning which can be passed on to the homeowner so that the LivinRoom orangery can receive proper care and maintenance during its lifetime.

Call 01200 452 904 if you buy your roofs direct from Ultraframe or contact one of our trade partners.

New Product Update

Ultraframe is further developing its Cornice product for the LivinRoom Orangery. We can now offer an outlet cover which creatively integrates drainage into the design.

This outlet design is necessary when Cornice is being used on brickwork piers, as is ofton the case with Orangeries and of course the new LivinRoom product.The Cornice outlet cover is a cost option.

View a copy of the LivinRoom Orangery Technical Brochure (including an order/quote form)
View a copy of the LivinRoom Orangery Retail Brochure
View a copy of the LivinRoom Orangery Installation Guide