Wendland Sales Manager, Ash Fox, discusses the roofing system that is currently one of the industry’s best-kept secrets. While the brand has been established and securely trading for over 20 years, there are many fabricators and installers who are sadly unaware of the ever-changing product range and huge amount of support that is on offer.

For any of us who have been in the conservatory industry for any length of time, you will no doubt have heard of Wendland. But would you be surprised to know that Wendland has been given a facelift and now boasts a whole host of new features and a huge amount of support– and all at value for money prices? This means that Wendland is a wise choice for the many fabricators and installers looking for a stable roofing partner and an innovative product range.

It’s time to take a fresh look at Wendland with myself and the team. We’re certain that many in our industry will be surprised by what they find out.

Unlike some of the other roofing systems which offer the same low prices to compete with Wendland, our prices have not come about at the expense of the product range. The Wendland system is unique in this area of the market in that it boasts chambered top cappings to enhance security and thermal efficiency and has also recently launched a high quality and well-priced lantern to take advantage of the growing trend for orangeries and flat-roofed extensions. Many fabricators are surprised to learn that thanks to its heavy duty bar, the large spans that Wendland is capable of provide a great selling point for their installer customers, who increasingly demand large spans of bi-folds.

From an aesthetic perspective, a range of roof enhancements are available to further boost the appeal of the roofing system to homeowners and of course, offer the opportunity for additional margin.

These are just a few examples of the ongoing investment in the Wendland product range, something that we believe is absolutely key as our market is ever-changing. We understand that we have to equip our customers with the latest products – both in terms of performance and aesthetics – in order for them to survive and flourish in a competitive and challenging market place, and so our product range is constantly reviewed and invested in to ensure we offer the features that the market demands – both now and looking to the future.

Of course, there are many roofing systems on the market but not all are within the reach of every company, with price sometimes being the prohibitive factor. If a company’s business model is built on sourcing their products cheaply, then sadly, many such companies accept that a dated and limited product range are their only option.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here at Wendland we believe that a supplier should enhance the brand (and in turn the financial success) of its customers, assisting them in growing their business and building a strong, profitable brand.

For those that make the move to Wendland, we offer your own ‘personal training team’ to help make the transition a smooth, stress-free process. The team is on-hand throughout the changeover (and beyond) to share industry-leading technology, state of the art design & manufacturing software and lean manufacturing systems and procedures. This highly experienced team is on hand to assist with everything from factory set up, tooling and machinery programming, hand-holding with first orders, right through to on-site support for the first installations and more.

The support doesn’t end there though – we’re just about to run a series of training courses at locations across the UK to ensure that new and existing customers alike are fully trained in using our system to the best advantage.

Not only this, but we’re pretty proud of our marketing support too, especially the fact that our customers can have their own Wendland website live within just six weeks! We also offer overprinted brochures to assist installers in selling the brand to end users.

Many of this may not seem all that surprising until I remind you that Wendland may be premium in its offering, but certainly not in its price.

We’re actively expanding our network of Wendland fabricators, so if this has surprised you and you’d like to find out more about the industry’s best-kept secret, give me a call on 07775 533853.



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