Conservatory Glass


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When designing a conservatory, choosing the right specification of roof glass is crucial to customer enjoyment and comfort. Our Conservaglass:

To enable a conservatory to be used all year round, a glazing material must be selected that deflects heat from the sun in the summer and retains the warmth from heating appliances in the winter. Also needed is a material that allows maximum light to enter the extension.


A Range of Advanced Roof Glass Solutions, Made to Order

Conservaglass roof units are manufactured in specialist glass roof factories and are guaranteed for 10 years, offering a range of advanced solar control properties.

Conservaglass helps keep the heat out in the summer whilst retaining heat in the winter, making the room comfortable all year round.

High UV rejection helps reduce the glare of the sun and minimise fading on furniture, fabrics and materials.

Each one of our Conservaglass units is manufactured with an invisible coating that powers a chemical reaction to break down organic dirt - truly self-cleaning.

All Conservaglass units use a warm edge spacer, increasing internal temperatures around the edges and vastly reducing condensation.

All roof units use toughened safety glass consisting of 4mm glass - 16mm Argon filled cavity - 4mm glass.

Conservaglass is available in a range of colours including Neutral, Aqua, Bronze, and Blue.

Key Product Information

  • Our sealed units offer a range of performance attributes - perfect for roofs
  • All roof units are toughened safety glass: 4mm glass - 16 mm Argon filled cavity – 4mm glass with black warm edge spacer as standard.
  • All roof units are manufactured in specialist roof glass factories and are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • All specifications are true ‘self-cleaning’ and offer a range of solar control properties.

Solar Control

Light Transmission

Percentage of light transmitted through the unit.

Solar Rejection

The proportion of the sun’s energy that is rejected. The higher the percentage the better it is.

U Value W/m2K

A measure of how good the material is at preventing heat loss to the outside. The lower the figure, the more thermally efficient it is.

UV Protection

The higher the % the lower the possibility of furniture and fabrics fading. When designing a conservatory, choosing the right specification of roof glass is crucial to homeowner enjoyment and comfort.

Our Conservaglass:

Spec Tier

Tier 1 = lowest

Tier 4 = highest

Glass Conservatories


With a new Building Regulation compliant U-Value of 0.15, Livinroof combines solid roof panels and shaped glazing to create stunning roof designs in any conceivable shape or size.

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Insulated Internal Pelmet

A practical way to increase your profit on a conservatory build while increasing thermal efficiency and improving the interior design. Add, warmth, style, and cosiness for a room like feel.

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